Designs available for Art Licensing:

Cupcake Market 1
The White Cat 1
Paris Love Nest 1
Tropical Jungle 1
Cupcake Market 2
The White Cat 2
Paris Love Nest 2


Rainbow Balloons
Cake 1
Be You
Cake 2


Zipper Pouch Designs - Jungle


Adult's Paisley Puzzle Design


Bolt Fabric Design & co-ordinates


Adult puzzle (8x8 inch) - Paisley


Paisley icons (B&W)
Paisley icons (colour)


Planner/Diary cover design


Home Decor, 'Paris Love Nest' ceramics presentation board
Home Decor, 'Paris Love Nest' metals presentation board


 Fat Quarter cut & sew Doll 'Grace'
Wall art - 'Hoops and angles'
Wall art 'abstract garden 1'
Wall Art - 'Eucalyptus'
Wall art 'abstract garden 2'


 Home decor, 'Cupcake Market' ceramics presentation board
 Home decor, 'Cupcake Market' metals presentation board
 Home decor, 'Cupcake Market' fabrics presentation board


 Wall art - 'Pink Eucalyptus'
 Wall art - 'Eucalyptus & Lace'
Wall art 'abstract garden 3'
Wall art 'abstract garden 4'


Home decor, 'Farm Fresh' glass presentation board
Home Decor, 'Farm Fresh' metal presentation board
Home decor, 'Farm Fresh' wood presentation board
Home decor, 'Farm Fresh' ceramics presentation board
Home decor, 'Farm Fresh' fabric presentation board
Home decor, 'Farm Fresh' tea towel designs




Surface pattern designs 'St John's Wort
Tea towel design 'FolkyKing of the cul-de-sac'
Tea towel design 'AbrahamLincoln's Rose Bushes'




 Surface pattern designs 'Noughts & Crosses'

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