Children's Illustrations:


Character Development for book 'I Paint Purple' by Lilla Rogers


Double page spread - Jitna in the garden


Single page (experimenting with scale) - Jitna and Ellie


Character Sheet 'Jitna'
Jitna gathers her things ready for her train journey through Kenya


Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book' cover


Character design sheet #1

Character Design


Children's 'Dress-up Doll' sets


 Character design 'Daisy'




Animal alphabet


Character designs


Character design for the book 'The White Cat' -emotions

 Character design 'The White Cat' - action

 Double page spread for the book 'The White Cat'


 Character design 'Witch'
 Character design 'Poppy and Max'
 Character design 'Cat'
 'Halloween Pumpkins'

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